Ausure Hospitality



The hospitality industry incorporates a lot of different businesses. From pubs, clubs, restaurants, cafes, nightclubs, taverns, hotels, motels, Ausure Hospitality covers it all. 

If you’re interested in coverage or unsure whether you fall into this category, don’t hesitate to contact the Ausure Hospitality team. We can answer any questions you may have and offer an obligation free quote.

The hospitality industry faces a lot of risks and hazards due to the high levels of foot traffic and possibilities for different types of liability. You may have multiple exposures, from protection of physical assets to protecting your business against third party claims. Every business is unique and may require different coverage. If you have any questions about your insurance requirements it’s worth contacting the helpful Ausure Hospitality for an obligation free quote. 

Every hospitality business has unique requirements. The insurance and hospitality industries are constantly evolving, so it’s important to reach out to Ausure Hospitality for a quote to make sure there are no surprises. Contact us today for a sit down strategy session and we can review your options. 

It’s vital to contact us immediately once an event or situation arises. Our experts can guide you through the claims process. 

Ausure Hospitality can easily assist if you’re interested in transferring or changing your policy. We can organise a stress free transfer process for you. 

Additionally, if you are interested in buying or selling a business Ausure Horizon can talk to you before you complete the purchase. We can assist you with comparing profit and loss margins.

We’ve covered lots of nightclubs and dance floors all over Australia. Contact us today to discuss options to cover the entertainment venues. 

Ausure Hospitality can assist with Timber Hotels which are hard to place. We aim to find the best coverage for your hard to place hotels. Contact us to discuss the possibilities and organise an obligation free quote.